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Synergy Investments Group is a team of experienced advisers specializing in property purchase, property investment, financial advice, and cryptocurrencies.

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We can provide you with a wide choice of financial products to suit your individual needs.

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To ensure that all your financial requirements are satisfied.

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We work closely with our clients, developing financial strategies based on individual requirements and circumstances.

The Synergy Investments Group's mission is to establish a lifetime financial partnership with its clients.

Synergy Investments Group is a company specialized in investment fund management that operates with complete independence, without any ties to any financial institution. It has highly qualified professionals and has funds with different characteristics, which are intended for individual, legal and institutional investors. The excellent results achieved since its creation make Synergy Investments Group occupy a prominent position among the main asset managers global.

Our objectives are to help our clients formulate their financial goals and to provide innovative and responsive financial solutions to meet those goals. Our experienced consultants are committed to providing an exceptional level of personalized service. Synergy Investments Group has the support of a data management area, which manages the largest private database of economic and financial data in Canada and other countries.

Our Services

The range of services that we are able to offer includes the following major areas of activity.

Investment Service Finance

Investment is our’s only business – so they are able to focus all their global resources on providing their clients with the investment performance and personal service they expect.

Real Estate

Making the right real estate decisions can be difficult in today’s market. With our economy fluctuating from moment to moment, you need accurate information from the most knowledgeable source.


Whether you’re looking for a secured homeowner loan or an unsecured personal loan, we can provide you with a simple and convenient way to borrow money at very competitive rates.


The company has recently launched this service, a multi virtual currency hedge fund audited, which offers investors an easy and safe way to participate in the virtual-currencies ecosystem with an actively managed portfolio.

New clients are welcomed from all walks of professional and business life, whether approaching retirement or at the height of their careers. Different attitudes to investment and risk are accommodated, forming the basis of our individually tailored approach to investment planning and wealth management.

Our service begins with a review of your current financial position and long-term objectives.

This information is used to prepare a financial plan which will provide the basis for discussion with you.

We will advise you on the construction of a portfolio to achieve your objectives and then arrange the investments for you.

Portfolio performance is monitored through a system of regular reviews which will take account of changes in the investment world and your own circumstances. We will review your portfolio regularly to determine any need for fine-tuning.

Our online Enquiry Forms are simple and easy, taking only a minute to complete.

Synergy Investments’ objective is to provide expert, specialist guidance on a wide range of financial products. Our website is here to guide you and help you make an informed decision.